A Foreign national who wishes to work in Canada may need to get the approval of the work permit application first. It is less known that there are several reasons why a particular application for a work permit gets the rejection. The only condition one would consider to reapply after a refusal is to find out the ‘true reason’ behind a generic refusal letter from the IRCC- Visa officer.

We at BAL Immigration offer the best immigration services in Canada. Based on our experience as an immigration consultancy in Canada, we offer our readers a compilation of conditions to help candidates review the work permit application [before] submitting it to the Visa Office, hence avoiding possible rejection of the Work Permit in Canada.

When an applicant gets a job offer, LMIA jobs are exempt from the LMIA. Still, they do not have the qualification or experience based on the job description or letter of employment provided by a particular employer in Canada. Even if the proposed job of working in Canada is regulated – it may need a particular applicant to have a registration based on territory requirement [only in case it applies], and an applicant has not complied with it.

If weaker ties to the country of the resident have been identified, more specifically, if (s)he fails to prove that at the end of the work permit, the applicant would settle in Canada, the application would be refused under div 2 part 11 of the regulations. For most temporary resident visas like work permits in Canada, the Visa Office may always check, verify and analyze if the applicant(s) has a solid reason to return to his own country before their work permit is completed in Canada.

Work experience and educational qualification have a crucial role when applying for a work permit in connection to a job offer [except for those occupations which may not require one] when applying for work permit in Canada. This is because the Visa Office would ensure that if they consider granting a ‘work permit to a candidate,’ a holder of a work permit can perform the job offered to them in Canada. Even if the working certificate has been given, but the same is not credible, verifiable, or evaluative, the VO might result in a decline in the work permit application. When an applicant submits incomplete information or documents, the application for a work permit may likely be denied by the Visa Office. It is here that the need for a good immigration advisor in Canada is felt. It is vital to follow the visa instructions of the country being applied to or submit the application while applying for a work permit in Canada.

 A prospective employer in Canada has a record of non-compliance with their obligations towards their worker(s) as per federal or provincial laws which regulate the employment and recruitment of foreign worker(s) in Canada. Even if the employer has not complied with the employer’s conditions as required by Regulations 2 or 209.3 of  IRPR. Suppose the offer of employment from Canada is not found to be genuine; as per rules of the VO, the Visa Officer generally would exercise its powers and discretion for the decision of the work permit application in Canada.

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