Introduction to Canada Super Visa

Canada Super Visa is defined as a tailor-made visa document for the elders (parents or grandparents) who visit their ward working or studying in Canada. By using Canada super visa, a person can stay with their children in Canada for almost up to two years without renewing their visa status.

The Canadian government introduced its Super Visa scheme in 2012 for facilitating its immigrants by inviting their family members to come and stay in Canada together. From the day this visa scheme has been launched, almost 90000 parents and grandparents of the immigrants who have permanent residency or citizenship status from various nations have visited Canada. It even involves 36000 Indians who top the list. Several Super Visa Consultants in Canada helped to achieve this number and it’s growing since then.

These numbers reflect the flexibility rate of Canadian super visas. It depicts the contribution of the Indian individuals residing in Canada and their contribution to this nation. As a responsible and good immigration consultant for Canada, Bal immigration offers its clients proper navigation in reaching the exact destination in the land of maple leaves.

Eligibility – Getting Canadian Super Visa

Below mentioned are the eligibility criteria for Canada super visa:

  • The concerned person should convince the visa officer that they are visiting their children in Canada and would return to their own country once the allotted time is over.
  • They should provide a record of their financial status, along with a letter of financial support from their children or grandchildren living in Canada.
  • The applicants should provide a letter of invitation from their children or grandchildren who reside in Canada.
  • The Applicants should prove their parental relationship with the concerned person whom they aim to visit in Canada.
  • The Applicants should submit a copy of the income requirements that are earned by the child or grandchild. The income assessment would be made based on any one of the following aspects:
    • The latest copy of T4 or T1
    • A recent copy of tax returns
    • Employment insurance pay-stubs
  • The applicants touring Canada should undergo a medical checkup by a certified physician.
  • The total amount incurred to get a super visa should be paid in Canadian dollars.

Canada Super Visa Extension

Canada super visa is valid for up to five years w.e.f July 4, 2022. If an individual plans to extend their stay in the country, they would have to apply for a visa extension through a Super Visa Consultant in Canada. It is recommended that the person applies for an extension at least before 30 days of the expiration date. But, this fact should not alarm an individual. One can stay in the country while the request for an extension is being processed.

Talk to the expert

Super visa Canada requirements are complex, and any inaccuracy may lead to rejection or delay. If someone is applying for a super visa, it is best to get an association with the agency for immigration to Canada to help in streamlining the process. Bal Immigration is an aid in every possible way to fulfill your dream to work and settle in your dream destination country. We assist our clients with all programs such as Express entry, General Skilled migration as well as temporary visas. Nowadays it has become a land of opportunity for immigrants. This is the right time to take advantage of the opportunity and utilize it. At Bal immigration, there is an expert team to guide the applicant with value-added services. If you want to switch over to a great lifestyle in Canada then Bal Immigration is the best Canada express entry consultant.

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