Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class is a program for you if you have Canadian Work Experience in skilled NOC code. For Example, you are an international student and have Canadian experience in NOC code 0, A and B; this program is perfect for you.

There are minimum requirements for

    Language Ability



    How much work experience you have?

    And Where you can live in Canada.

This program is managed through Express Entry; this is Canadian governments online application system for skilled workers.

Advantages of Applying under this program

    If you are eligible under this program, means you have acquired one year of Canadian experience, which is highly valued by the Canadian government and have a substantial positive effect on your application

    Since most of your documents are Canadian, you would need minimal documents to apply and prove your legitimacy.

    There is no requirement to show the proof of funds.

Contact Us to evaluate your eligibility and based on that we can further proceed with your application.

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