Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship

If you can support your parents and grandparents financially and make sure that they don’t need social assistance, you can sponsor your parents and grandparents to become permanent residents of Canada.

Key eligibility in this category is Income. You can relate to this chart to check If you are eligible.

Eligibility Criteria
Eligibility Criteria

Persons in the above chart is calculated by adding your family members in Canada in addition to the number of people you are sponsoring. For example, you are family of three in Canada, this is, a husband, a wife, and a kid and you are sponsoring your mother and father, what you should look at is income for five people.

After evaluating your key eligibility, there is a process that you have to follow and prepare an excellent presentable application for the visa office. Upon assessing this application, you will move on to further steps which eventually will lead to the permanent residence status of your parents or grandparents.

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