Spousal Sponsorship

Most of us landing on this page know that a person can sponsor his or her spouse or partner to be a permanent resident of Canada. But, To do so what you should understand is your eligibility, income requirement and other mandatory requirements for this program. The success of this program is based on how a sponsor can showcase the credibility and legitimacy of his/her relationship with the person he/she is sponsoring.

Why you should work with Bal Immigration is simple. We have processed more than 5,000 spousal applications in the past. We know how to apply, what to put in the file and what not to put in the file. Our success rate has been incredible.

From filing your application to liaison with the visa office and the officer, we will handle it all for you.

We will help you with

    Filing your application

    Gathering all the required documents, you would need for the application

    Work with you if there is a need for additional documents from the visa officer

    Track or update your application

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