Super Visa for Parents and Grand Parents

Super Visa allows you to sponsor your parents or grandparents to visit Canada and live with you for up to 2 Years in a stretch. It is a multiple entry visa.


    You should be Canadian PR or Citizen

    You have a sponsorship Letter for your Parents or Grandparents ( Ask Bal Immigration for the format of the letter, we would be happy to provide you with one.)

    Have medical insurance (Ask Bal immigration for the details and the kind of coverage that is required by the Government, this can get expensive, so it’s advisable to get in touch with us, what we would do is provide you with that templates of what our previous customers have done and based on that you can make a decision. Please note: we are not medical insurance providers neither do we endorse any company.)

    Financial Support, you should be able to convince the visa officer that you can financially support your parents or grandparents, there are a series of documents that can be provided. We can help you shortlist the documents that would work the best in your case.

Besides the eligibility, there are several things that a visa officer will consider before finalizing your application. So it is a smart decision on your behalf to work with a professional organization like Bal Immigration. Our experience and numbers speak for itself.

Click here to inquire about the Super Visa application of your parents or grandparents.

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