Misbah Foda

Anytime any need regarding Immigration for anybody in my circle, this guy is always there. I was going in no direction when finally I met this guy named kulvinder back in 2014.after that I have done my whole immigration process from this firm. not only me but my 6 friends did too. It was smooth processfor all of us. Remember, You need a strong person behind you when it comes to immigration issues. because Employers can take advantage of you or rules change overnight or anything. This guy kulwinder will always be there in such situation. that is my personal experience. those who are complaining, you havent met other consultants then. ignore few unanswered calls or not replying issue. They are also humans. they have thier work and life. You are not buying them out with you fees. you are buying their service. if you look overall, He is trusted person and he will get the job done. That is my honest review.