A question that is often asked is, “how to select the best province to work, study or settle in Canada for immigrants?”. As Canada is the second-largest country of the world, deciding the best place to start can be quite challenging. Getting help from BAL IMMIGRATION, the  best immigration services in Canada can be really helpful.

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Canada has of ten provinces and three territories, each having its own unique features. Depending on the individual profile, and where the individual is at, in the process, one important consideration might be the province which has a nominee program that is right for the candidate. The other considerations may depend on the individual field of work, lifestyle, and weather preferences. To help an individual get started with immigration consultant services, Bal immigration states four of the most popular Canadian provinces for immigrants to choose from:


Ontario is considered as the most popular province for new immigrants entering Canada. During 2021, Ontario welcomed almost half of all the new Canadian permanent residents. Ontario’s most famous city is even the largest in Canada. Toronto is one of the most popular metropolitan and multicultural cities in the world. Ottawa is the second most popular city in Ontario and is also the capital of Canada. It is considered as one of the safest cities in Canada. In some parts of Ontario, the temperatures drop below -40°C. It’s worth it once the summer time comes, with temperature getting up to above 30°C. Ontario boasts a strong economy, having 37% of the national GDP, primarily through a blend of resources, manufacturing expertise, and exports. The province is even the home to almost 50% of all employees in financial services, high-tech, and other knowledge-intensive industries.

2.British Columbia

Situated at the west coast of Canada, British Columbia is popular for its beautiful natural landscape. British Columbia is generally considered the best province in Canada for those immigrants who are looking for outdoor adventures accompanied by milder temperatures. British Columba’s most popular city is Vancouver. Vancouver has a thriving art scene and it is also a popular film location for several motion pictures. British Columbia is a great place for the who prefer winters to be moderate. The province offers a diverse economy, ruled by service industries. Other industries include agriculture, film and television, construction, forestry, fisheries & aquaculture, manufacturing, mining, high technology, and tourism.


Quebec is the next most popular province for immigrats coming to Canada. Quebec is the best province in Canada for those immigrants who enjoy cultural activities and appreciate French language. The largest province in Canada, Quebec, is popular for its culture, maple syrup production, as well as the French language. Quebec provides free courses to new immigrants who want to learn French. Montreal is Quebec’s populous city. As North America’s number uno host city for international events, Montreal is generally considered as Canada’s most cultural city. One can enjoy several established music, comedy, and film festivals around the year. Quebec’s climate is famous for its extremes. The, temperatures in winter can drop as low as -40°C, the summer months may experience temperatures as warm as 35°C.


Situated in Western Canada, Alberta provides some of the most famous natural attractions in the country. Alberta is popular for its large deposits of oil as well as natural gas, Rocky Mountains, cattle farming, and Dinosaur Provincial Park. Calgary and Edmonton are Canada’s one of the most popular cities for immigrants. Calgary and Edmonton are the best of the two sunniest cities of the country, with more hours of sunshine as compared to any other Canadian city. Parts of the province may get as cold as -51 °C. As the summer months roll in, the temperatures warm up significantly, parts of the area experience temperatures as warm as 35°C.

As Canada’s population ages and fertility rates falls, the demand for immigration is rising. Canada plans to invite a record number of newcomers during the coming three years. With increased immigration targets and efficient processes in place, now is the best time to make the move to Canada. For any assistance for best immigration services in Canada, connect with Bal immigration.

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