Being refused a Canadian visa in 2022 may be frustrating as it has the potential to ruin work plans, travel plans, or even a new settling arrangement. After a visa refusal, there are a few tips you may be able to take to still get a Canadian visa. Contrary to what several people think, reapplying for a Canadian visa after rejection or refusal is an option, based on the reasons why the application had been rejected in the first place. The letter that the IRCC sends to the candidate explaining why the visa has been rejected doesn’t have the information explaining the reason why it was refused. There are several reasons why an application for a visa might be rejected based on the unique requirements of each visa category.

Top Reasons for a Canadian Visa Rejection:

  • Failure to submit proper and accurate supporting documents
  • Failure to meet up with the international security standards, such as in instances where the applicant contains a criminal background
  • The Visa officer has reservations regarding the applicant’s intention for his/her application
  • Failure to meet up with health standards
  • Failure to present adequate financial resources to finance the travel to and settle in Canada

There may be several other factors that may result in a Canadian visa refusal, but most of them fall within some or the other parameters which are mentioned above. If an application is denied, the candidate may be eligible to appeal the refusal or even reapply for the visa. In case of an appeal, the candidate cannot expect the visa officer or authorities seated at the embassy to accept an appeal to get even a temporary visa. The best option in this situation for a candidate is to apply again for a visa with a new and improved application. Below mentioned are some steps that can be taken after a Canadian visa rejection.

Reapplication Procedures

After a Canadian visa rejection, the applicants must be aware of specific procedures that are recommended for filing a new application. An immigration consultancy in Canada knows precisely what the steps are. We at BAL Immigration make sure to follow all such steps carefully to avoid any problems during the second time of application. The steps taken in the reapplication process will vary depending on the type of visa one requires.


Work Visa

An important thing to note with regard to Canadian work visas is the difference between a refusal and a visa return. A refusal would come as a result of a failure to prove intent, provide supporting documents, prove finances, and meet security, health, or criminal admissibility standards. On the other hand, a return may come due to the program quota being filled, or due to missing documents/incorrectly filled application materials. If a program, which the candidate has applied for has already reached its maximum limit of accepted applicants, the candidate will unfortunately not be able to reapply at the same time for that particular program. But, if the application has been returned for missing information, the candidate can simply correct these mistakes and reapply. The best immigration services in Canada have a detailed list of documents needed, which if followed properly will ensure getting a work permit in Canada.

Seek Professional Assistance

Here at BAL Immigration, we have over a decade of experience helping clients avoid visa rejections and even offer help after they have been denied a Canadian visa. If you are interested in hiring an immigration advisor in Canada, we welcome you to book a consultation with us! If you feel unsure of your immigration needs, be free to fill out our free online assessment form. It will help us determine how we can best help you with our immigration consultant services.

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